Car Insurance Ideas for Bad Drivers

Getting a few black marks on your driving record can be shocking when your insurance company raises your rate substantially.  Even worse they may decide to drop you as customers altogether.  Below are some ideas/suggestions for those without a perfect driving record:

  • Its important to realize that it may take sometime to repair a blemished driving record.  Reflect on your driving record. What can you do to improve your driving habits?  Too many speeding tickets?  Perhaps you’re not giving yourself enough time for your commute or to drive to your other responsibilities.  Too many accidents?  It may be worth considering a defensive driving course which could save you some money and improve your standing with the car insurance company.
  • Risk is the key when an insurance company figures out what your premiums are or even whether or not to provide you with auto  insurance.  Some companies have a higher appetite for risk (for insuring imperfect drivers)  and this be discovered by shopping around.  This is especially true if you’ve lost your insurance as some companies may look at it like gaining your business is your former company’s loss.  In any case shop around, you never know if another company is able to take you  with an imperfect record for less money.
  • If your driving record has left you with no insurance and you can’t get coverage with another company turn to your state insurance commission.  Each state has a program to help uninsured motorists get coverage.  This should be a last resort because the rates are often off the chart.
  • Is your car worth having full coverage on it?  If you own it without any loan and its not worth much perhaps the collision or comprehensive coverage could be dropped.    This is especially true if your driving record is making your premiums insane.  Its pertinent to have proper liability insurance because its the law but also it protects you when you cause damage with your car.

Covington Kentucky Insurance

The following are  insurance agents that offer multiple lines of coverage in Covington, KY:

  • Bilz  – (859)431-1235 –  412 Madison Avenue Covington, Kentucky 41011 – is an independent agency.  They work along with the following carriers in offering coverage: Travelers, KEMI, Safeco, Assurant, Chartis, Acuity, Anthem, Grange and many more.  This broker can help with quotes on health insurance, homeowners, auto, life, umbrella, condo, boat, flood, commercial liability, inland marine, employment practices and more.
  • Burkhart  Agency – (859) 292-8080 – 803 Scott Street Covington, KY 41011 –  is an independent agency.  They use companies like: American Modern, Foremost, Safeco, Anthem, Humana, Hallmark, Progressive etc.  The lines of coverage offered include: homeowners insurance, life, business, workers compensation, auto & more.
  • Christopher Whitehead –  (859) 344-8588 – 1671 Park Road Suite 10 Ft Wright, Kentuck 41011 – is an agent with Allstate.  He can lend a hand with quotes on auto insurance, homeowners, flood, condo, renters, umbrella, landlord, recreational vehicle etc.  He has been with Allstate for a number of years.
  • Hatfield – (859) 261-0761 – 17 West Southern Avenue PO Box 15339 Covington, Kentucky 41015 –  is an independent agency.  They have been around since the 1920s and utilize carriers like: EMC, Safeco, Grange, Farmers, Progressive, Ohio Casualty, KEMI, American Collectors etc.  Their lines of coverage are: Preferred as well as high risk auto insurance, life, homeowners, motorcycle, health, flood, livestock, boat, RV, aviation and others.
  • Thompson-Boerger – (859) 291 3914 – 1514 Dixie Highway, Park Hills, KY 41011 – is a family operation that started in the 1940s.  They are an independent agency that can help and offer assistance with quotes on  life insurance coverage as well as homeowners, business and auto.  They have a staff exceeding five people.

Franklin TN Insurance

These are Franklin, Tennessee agents listed below.  Their contact information is there as well as other useful notes about them like what coverage they may be able to help with.  We are not related for affiliated with them.


  • A2Z – (615) 595-7632- 109 Holiday Court Suite D7, Franklin, Tennessee 37067 – is independent.  They may use carriers including: American Modern, Foremost, Safeco, Donegal, Progressive and others.  The lines of coverage they can assist with are: homeowners insurance, renters, auto, business/commercial lines, motorcycle, earthquake, flood, recreational vehicle etc.
  • Chappell Smith and Associates – (615) 435-8300 – 1006 Merylinger Court, Franklin, TN 37067 -is an independent broker and has been around for over 100 years.   They can be contacted for quotes on car insurance, homeowners, life, health, aviation, workers compensation, inland marine, umbrella, construction and any other lines.
  • Full Service  – (615) 790-0990 – 903 Murfreesboro Road  Franklin, Tennessee 37064 – is an independent agency and has been around for decades.  As far as the types of coverage they can offer: auto insurance, health, life, homeowners, group benefits, business owners, general liability, flood, workers compensation and many more.
  • Holt – (615) 221-7094- 1894 General George Patton Drive Suite 700, Franklin, TN 37067 – was started in 1946.  A few of their carriers are: Donegal, Met Life, Safeco, Travelers etc.  They are available to help with life insurance and more.  This is a family operation.
  • Irvin-Dyal and Brown – (615) 791-5555 – 3326 Aspen Grove Drive Suite 100, Franklin, Tennessee 37067- is an independent agency.  Some of the provider they may use are: Progressive, Hanover, Travelers, Alfa, Zurich etc.  They can be contacted for a hand with: life insurance, fine art, homeowners, health as well as other coverage types.
  • Keith Wainauski – (615) 595-9850- 428 Lewisburg Avenue, Franklin, Tennessee 37064 – is an agent with the company Farmers.  He is available for assistance with homeowners insurance, life, car,  business, motorcycle, land lord, flood, recreational vehicle, renters, general liability and more.
  • Universal – (615) 472-8252 – 504 Autumn Springs Court Suite 29, Franklin, Tennessee 37067 – has been around since 2005 and they are independent.  They use Metlife, Safeco, The Hartford, Chubb as well as other carriers not mentioned.  They will be able to be of use in getting quotes on lines including: auto insurance, health, life, boat, homeowners etc.

Standard Risk, Preferred and Sub-Standard Risk Life Insurance Definitions

With life insurance policies the term standard risk pertains to when an insured doesn’t have any ailment, special condition or otherwise that the company providing coverage would deem riskier than the average (hence the word standard).  This of course is determined in the carrier’s underwriting rules or standards to whom would qualify as standard risk.  The average person without any major health problems but isn’t in athletic condition either would fit into this category.

An individual that is in very good health, considered above the average in their condition health wise and considered low risk as per the insurance company is known a preferred risk.  The factors used to calculated this vary but some things can help an individual get life insurance as preferred risk.  A couple examples would be not to smoke and too have the right blood pressure readings.  There are other factors though that a person cannot not do anything about that may matter to the company, for instance a history of cancer in the family.

Now to the sub-standard risk which is an individual that would be looked at as high risk to give a life insurance policy to.  This would pertain to a person that has a a poor medical history but it can go beyond just that.   A dangerous occupation can play a role as well as other things such as harsh living environment,  family history of disease and more. 

Albuquerque New Mexico Insurance Agents

Below is a directory of Albuquerque, New Mexico insurance agents.  Their contact information is listed as well as the lines of coverage offered.  We have no relation or affiliation to them.


Advanced American is an independent agency

Their address is: 6211 4th Street NW Suite 16, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

Phone them at (505) 345-8757

Carriers: American Modern, Gainsco, Dairyland, The Hartford and others

Lines of coverage include auto insurance, homeowners, renters, motorcycle etc. 


AIP does business in a few states

Call them at (505) 836-5511

Local Location: 139 Old Coors Drive SW Suite C, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121c

Progessive and more

Car insurance, boat, disability, homeowners, life, motorcycle, business, worker comp, industry specific etc.


Berger-Briggs has been in operation since 1937

Available on the phone at (505) 247-0444

They are found at 4333 Pan American Freeway NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

Offers insurance as well as real estate assistance


Cohn Agency Company 

Reach them by phone at: (505) 899-0456

Find them at: 5101 Coors Boulevard NW Suite D, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Carriers: Titan, Safeco, Progressive, Dairyland, Hartford

Life insurance, homeowners, auto and business


Downey & Company was started in 1985 and they are independent

Address: 6565 Americas Parkway NE Suite 750, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Can be reached at: (505) 881-0300

Commercial auto insurance, builders risk, employment practices,  umbrella etc.


George Gandy is independent

Located at: 5505 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

(505) 256-8158 for assistance

Homeowners insurance, car, motorcycle, renters, life, health, rec vehicle and more


Karla Ludi Agency

Address: 500 San Mateo Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

(505) 268-7777 for quotes

Fidelity National, Allstate, Bristol West, GMAC, Liberty Mutual, Mercury, Safeco, Travelers

Auto insurance, homeowners, auto, renters, flood, umbrella, earthquake, boat


Manuel Lujan was started in 1926

4801 Indian School Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone number: (505) 266-7771

Large private agency representing many companies

Specializes in business insurance


Northernwas started in the year 1972 and are independent

Office location: 6565 Americas Parkway NE Suite 200, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

Call them at (866) 350-6686

Carriers include: Acuity, American Modern, Blue Cross, Travelers, Encompass, Safeco, Zurich, Progressive, Titan, Phiadelphia, United Healthcare, Foremost, CNA and more

Lines of coverage include:  life insurance, builders risk, commercial, group benefits, long term care, homeowners, auto, trucking, employment practices, business owners etc.


Sunset is an independent agency

Find them at: 2701 San Pedro Drive NE Ste 21, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Call (505) 247-2578

Homeowners insurance, health, workers comp, auto etc.


Its important to shop around when looking to purchase coverage and ask for serveral quotes and compare options thoroughly.  Doing this may get one the most competitive rates though getting the correct protection is vital as well.  Check an agents credentials in depth before doing business.